New hight performance pneumatic conveyor plant to transport 140 T/h at 150 mt, 25 mt hight, 8 bends. A new technological rekord, loock in this page a little report.


New 3D technology

GVF Impianti Srl increase our 3D drawing and simulation software investments to increase product quality.

Double platform for high stress-simulation and prediction in structural elements, new coasting software to research & develop better solutions.


Fluid Mechanics Study

GVF Impianti extended its design software range acquiring a flow simulator. This software allows us to simulate and study the fluids reaction to different pressure and temperature levels, developing parts and accessories more and more efficient and performing. For this project we had to put money in a specific training process for our staff, which now can provide all needed support to a more and more wide clientele.




Glass Recycling

A new glass recycling line for the production of glass sands with a very low organic content is ready to be delivered. GVF Impianti, keeping its innovation tradition on, developed a new technology to eliminate organic residuals deriving from separate collection of rubbish. This new project is realized on 2000 sq. m area and will allow recovering, ennobling it, the glass recovery lines waste.



ISO 9001

Our company decided in fact to achieve the ISO 9001 certification to meet the growing quality demand, internal and external.




The realization of the sand pre-coating plant, in collaboration with Safond Martini, is by now at operating speed. The plant is designed to produce pre-covered sand both with liquid and scales resin, making it highly performing and flexible. High productivity respects the maximum quality requirements of the final product thanks to a dosage, preparation and mixing system particularly sophisticated. Very quick changes of production, product traceability, set recipes repeatability make GVF Impianti's new plant a reference point in pre-covered sand industry and guarantee to our customers a market placement with quality standard unthinkable until now.



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140 Ton /h @ 150 mts

New Pneumatic Conveyor Era

GVF Impianti Srl is proud to reach, with a new and innovative technology, a new target in dense phase pneumatic conveyor. In fact is now working in Tenerife (Spanish island) a new cement conveying plants that reach 140 T/h at 150 mts distance with 25 mts elevation and 8 bends (see picture below shoot during installation).



New target in dens phase conveyors need a new in-line components series.
New multi-way diverter valve, new two-way DAS series diverter valve (produced to be installed on the top of the silo), and new PAAS anti wear terminal box .