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To turn the original idea into a end product able to supply tecnical demands and technological expectations requires a careful development's process, which involves the mechanical and electronic planning all accomplished: from the implementation of measurements in the construction site to the planning of machines and plants, up to the development of innovative software solutions to design custom-made projects.

Our specialized tecnical staff is able to turn customer's needs and wants into a targeted project using 3D design's methods and the main thing is having fourty years of experience in planning and designing machines and plants, that, even now, are the indelible sign of a continue technological research.


A range of specialized products, a production line comprehensive of mechanical processing departments with lathes and numerical control milling machine, a high definition of 2000 x 6000 mm cutting department, numerical control forming press with span of 4000 mm and 180 Ton, carpentry department with benders and shearing machines, continuous wire welding and eletrode welding, assembly line and testing department.

A complete production organization serving the customer to guaranteed the constant quality control of the product and 3000 mq of industial area at your service.

An ambitious production program, that has evolved in fourty years to offer maximum flexibility and speed in supplying and in after sales.